Saturday, April 19, 2008

Krassen Karagiozov

Let's stick with the Slavic low voices and introduce people to Krassen Karagiozov, who was born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria and studied at the State Academy of Music in Sofia. He went on to win competitions in voice and piano in his native country.

He now performs mostly with regional opera companies in New York, North Carolina and occasionally in his native Bulgaria. His barihunk role to date has been Don Giovanni (see photo).

You can hear him by clicking the link:


  1. Oh yes, I have seen Krassen perform - he is an incredibly gorgeous hunk, a gorgeous singer, AND a great artist to boot - someone to watch for!!!!!

  2. Pardon the linguistics, but this is too fitting to pass up. Karagiozov is obviously a Slavicized Turkic name. Kara means black or dark in many Turkic languages, and gioz looks close enough to be the word for eye or eyes: Dark eyes!

  3. Doesn't Dmitri Hvorostovsky have a CD called "Dark Eyes"? Maybe there's a little turf war brewing.

  4. I am currently a chorus member in an upcoming production with Mr. Karagiozov, and have to say that the only thing more beautiful than his silky voice is his smile! He seems to be such a nice person in addition to being an excellent artist.