Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photo Help!

[Photos of David Adam Moore]

LollySD posted a tantalizing comment that seemed to indicate that their were shirtless photos of David Adam Moore from his recent performance of Soldier Songs in New York. I can't find them anywhere. If someone has them, please send them to

While we're on the subject of missing photos, I'm still looking for:
1. A shirtless photo of Teddy Tahu Rhodes from Billy Budd in Santa Fe or Opera Australia.
2. A shirtless photo of Mariusz Kwiecien from Don Giovanni in San Francisco.
3. The partially nude photo of Eugene Brancoveanu from Lou Harrison's "Young Caesar."
4. A photo of David Adam Moore from Pittsburgh's "Billy Budd."
5. A photo of Jesse Blumberg from Ricky Ian Gordon's "Green Sneakers."
6. Anything with Gabriel Bermudez! Where are the photos of this guy?
7. Anything with Philip Cutlip, who got a ton of hits when I posted him, but I've been unable to follow up with anything.
8. Any hot photo of Erwin Schrott that I haven't run. He is my current hit leader along with Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Mariusz Kwiecien, Daniel Okulitch and Nathan Gunn.

Again, email photos to

A little reminder, this is barihunks, barichunks.


  1. There's a photo of a shirtless Kwiecien from Houston. Would that do?

  2. have you seen the pead photo here?
    I need to work out how to lighten it!!

  3. I love an opera beefcake pic as much as the next guy. But the opera world is really small. I actually know some of the people whose pictures you want. And I am uncomfortable when those pics get exposed, so to speak, since I see them as friends first, and hunks second. I have the feeling that the pics are out there, but their friends who have the pics feel strange about putting them out in a public forum.

    Yet, concerning the pics of the guys I don't know, give us more. (Yes, a hypocritical comment--but I think that more than a few followers of this blog are in a similar position of not wanting to betray our friends, or else facing the awkward question of which person released a photo.)

  4. just to encourage your quest for pix of Gabriel Bermudez, anyone seen the Zurich production of Magic Flute, Gabriel singing for 5 min without a shirt, amazing view, and great vocals, too!