Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nude Siegfried, Shirtless Wotan at Thalia Theater in Hamburg

Philipp Hochmair
Director Antú Romero Nunes has created a hybrid version of Siegfried and Götterdämmerung at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg using material from composer Richard Wagner and the 19th century German dramatist Christian Friedrich Hebbel. He's also presenting the innocent forest child Siegfried nude, which is true to the original story as the hero bathes in the blood of the freshly slain dragon to become invincible.

Philipp Hochmair and Thomas Niehaus in "Der Ring: Siegfried/Götterdämmerung"  
Alexander Simon as Wotan and Daniel Lommatzsch as Siegmund
Wagnerian purists should be warned, as this version contains far more spoken dialogue than the famed leit motifs of The Ring. There are six remaining performances and tickets are available online.

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