Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yuriy Yurchuk takes 3rd Prize at the Queen Sonja Competition

Yuriy Yurchuk (far left & right), Lise Davidsen, Queen Sonja and Elsa Dreisig
(Photo: Marius Nyheim Kristoffersen)
Soprano Lise Davidsen took the €40,000 top prize The Queen Sonja International Music Competition, making her the first Norwegian to win the competition since barihunk Audun Iversen in 2007. Although, three baritones made it to the Final 5, only Ukrainian Yuriy Yurchuk finished in the money, taking the €5,000 3rd Prize. French soprano Elsa Dreisig took the €10,000 2nd Prize.

For a limited time you can watch the finals online at NRK

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