Monday, November 23, 2015

Romain Dayez gets biblical and whimsical

Romain Dayez (photo © Pierre Bongert)
Barihunks calendar model Romain Dayez a few interesting performances coming up on his calendar. On November 28 and 29, he'll perform in Handel's Judas Maccabaues at the Collège Don Bosco in Brussels, Belgium with the vocal ensemble Cantus Firmus and the Brussels Chamber Orchestra.

Gerald Finley sings "Arm, arm ye brave" from Judas Maccabeaus:

From December 2-February 2, he plays the King in Graciane Finzi's new opera Peau D’âne, based on an incestuous fairy tale by 17th century author Charles Perrault. Performances will be at the Espace Paris-Plaine, Carrè Belle-feuille in Boulogne-Billancourt and the Théâtre de la Lanterne in Rambouillet

In the opera, the king promises his dying wife only to remarry a woman as beautiful as herself. He decides that the only woman who can meet that standard is his daughter, Horrified, the daughter seek the advice of her fairy godmother, who tells her to create marital demands so extreme that they can't be met. She demands that she be given three dresses made of immaterial materials. The first is to be made of the “sky” and should be as light and airy as the clouds. The second is to be made of “moonbeams” and should reflect the same lyrical intensity as the moon at night. The third, and last, is to be made of “sunlight” and should be as blinding and warm as the sun above. The opera also involved a donkey that poops gold and a prince who saves the day.

On January 17, he'll join accompanist Charles Mignot for a recital of music by Fauré, Franck, Chausson, Saint-Saëns, Ravel, Caplet, Boulanger and Poulenc. The performance will be at the Musée des Instruments de Musique and tickets will be available at the door.

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Romain Dayez and Jason Duika
You can also enjoy the Marco Vassalli calendar by clicking HERE. Proceeds from the sale will go to fund his US debut in January. 

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