Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh, to be one of these women...

Erwin "Hot" Schrott seems to have this effect with people on stage and off. When Leporello sings that he's seduces 1,003 women in Spain, the line usually draws a laugh. When I saw him perform the role in New York, there wasn't a peep, as if the audience was saying in unison, "That seems about right!"


  1. Personally, I'd rather be in Alex Esposito's position a few posts down.

  2. too bad he can't sing or act. does he ever even look another singer in the eye or sustain the center of a pitch on core without grunting?
    Ew. no thanks. he's way too far over the line of sacrificing talent for looks. and he's not even all that good looking!

  3. If you think Erwin Schrott can't sing, then you're deaf, jealous or an angry ex.