Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More of Hunky Tom Corbeil at Gotham Chamber Opera

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The posting of our hot barihunks bench continues with the stunning Tom Corbeil and some more pictures from the Gotham Chamber Opera's production of Joseph Haydn’s "L’isola disabitata (Desert Island)." You can find the earlier post at

Corbeil is another in a long line of barihunks coming out of San Francisco's Merola Opera Program, like our previous barihunk Paul La Rosa.

I'm sure that all of us are grateful to the Gotham Chamber Opera for these pictures. If you're in the New York area make sure to support this company. The production continues through February 28. For more information click here:

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  1. Now that is one fine way of making a Haydn opera exciting... my my. Love this blog.

  2. He's got great calves. It's a shame the sarong isn't a bit shorter. I, too, love this blog!