Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sexiest Don Giovanni Contest

I've received some email asking me what the Don Giovanni candidates in our poll look like. One can always search in the box on the upper right hand corner of the site for whomever you're looking for. It has already been pointed out to me that I left off Erwin Schrott, which was completely inadvertent. I'll make up for it by posting some great photos in the near future.

Make sure to vote. Here are out contestants from top to bottom:

1. Christopher Maltman as Don Giovanni
2. Mariusz Kwiecien as Don Giovanni
3. Randal Turner in Cosi
4. Simon Keenlyside as Don Giovanni
5. Cesare Siepi as Don Giovanni
6. Ildebrando d'Arcangelo in Le Nozze di Figaro
7. Daniel Okulitch as Don Giovanni
8. Martin Achrainer as Don Giovanni
9. Mark Stone as Don Giovanni

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  1. Write-in vote:

    Peter Mattei (generally doesn't take his shirt off but my vote for the sexiest)

  2. Gerald Finley -- another not normally shirtless, but very sexy Don G.

  3. and Cesare Siepi didn't have to take his shirt off - he was just plain old sexy!

  4. Are all these contestants really "out?"

  5. La Cieca, dahling, who said they were out? Maltman is the best singer, but Randal Turner gets my gerkin perkin'

  6. that's an unfairly bad picture of Dan. He's amazingly hot in this role, but that photo is awkward!

  7. I'm with Linda, Peter Mattei is just "Sex on a stick" shirt or no shirt.

  8. i saw peter mattei in nozze and thought he was totally unattractive. eye of the beholder i guess.

  9. you havend seen sexy martin achrainer in govanni. he is so hot!

  10. Physically and acting it was Schrott at the MET last season.

    Vocally (and not bad actors either!) however I'd pick from

    Thomas Allen
    Gerald Finley
    Samuel Ramey

    all of my time - in their primes!