Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Leibundgut Shows Some Skin

[Center photo: Regine Koerner, Munich]

We featured Michael Leibundgut back in May, but we didn't have any pictures at the time showing off his gorgeous body. Thanks to one tenacious reader in Der Schweiz, you can see more of what makes this teutonic beauty a barihunk. It looks like Michael is spending as much time at the gym as with his scores (and we're not complaining!).

The center photo features him in Aureliano Catteno's "La Philosophie Dans de Labyrinthe" from Munich. Apparently, Leibundgut was a hit. Here's the review from MusicWeb Live: "Michael Leibundgut, was particularly impressive as the Minotaur. Besides singing unaccompanied, he encompassed a vocal range from deep bass to falsetto, yet established a powerful presence in each register."

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