Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Mariusz Kwiecien From King Roger

Who said that King Roger isn't an interesting opera? One couldn't help but be totally mesmerized by Mariusz Kwiecien during the entire broadcast yesterday from the Bastille. Also, now everyone knows why he's called the Hot Pole (see center photo - or should we say "box' 3?).

One other thing needs to be said about Mariusz Kwiecien on a serious note. He's undoubtedly a great singer and he's unquestionably a barihunk. But Kwiecien is probably the best actor in all of opera. One of the motivations for creating this site was having seen Kwiecien in arguably the greatest portrayal of Don Giovanni ever at the San Francisco Opera. He dominated the stage with sexual energy and he had the type of edginess that makes one understand how women fall in love with rakes, murderers and societal bad boys.

King Roger is a notoriously difficult opera to pull off dramatically. The joke amongst music critics is that it's best enjoyed on CD, where one can lather in it's luxurious melodies. Kwiecien brings out so much of the character's inner self that it actually elevates the opera.

With all of that said, enjoy the pictures, which is why this site exists.

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  1. The hot Pole has outdone himself in King Roger. Would it be nicer if they had the other hot Pole to sing the Shepherd? Beczala had sung the role several times in other productions. I won't complain about Eric Cutler's singing. Mr. Cutler's costume, that's a different matter. What was he wearing at the end of the opera? Micky mouse head with kitty heels?(wonder what size the shoes is!) I prefer to see Eric in tights and those impossible tall boots!

    The Bastille audiences were right to reserve the thunderous boos for Krzysztof Warlikowski. But by Warlikowski standard, it could have been much worse.