Thursday, May 26, 2011

Randal Turner: "It Gets Better" Speech and Whitman Song

Randal Turner in San Francisco
During Randal Turner's West Coast recital debut last December, he took a moment to talk about what it was like to be gay and bullied in school. He also talked about how he had been introduced to a gifted young composer named Clint Borzoni whose beautiful song "I Dream'd in a Dream" made Turner think of his experiences and the stories of young gay men taking their lives for being bullied. The song is based on a poem by Walt Whitman, as is the other Borzoni song on the program, "That Shadow, My Likeness."

The video is now on YouTube and although it's not part of the official "It Gets Better" campaign, it is a powerful and heartfelt story that should be shared with the world.

You can learn more about Clint Borzoni on his website. If you'd like to watch Turner's entire recital of "Living American Composers," it is now available on Amazon. We've made the CD and individual tracks available on this website for your convenience.

The talented young composer Clint Borzoni

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