Friday, July 23, 2010

Vittorio Prato with InCanto

The stunningly handsome barihunk Vittorio Prato has joined forces with tenor Cosimo Panozzo and Italian pop singer Benny Lamonica to form InCanto. Here they are performing Miserere at the "Festival Italia in Musica."

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  1. Even for crap euro pop, that is really really awful. I would hope Prato got some decent cash to whore himself for something that shitty.

  2. And who made Judy Queen of the cheap seats? Actualy, if she would invest in a box of Q-Tips and clean her jaded ears, she would have heard a very entertaining presentation, especially from Vittorio Prato.

    I'll look forward to Ms Adanna's debut with reserved comments.

  3. Not my thing either, but one can't fault Prato. He sounds great. What a beautiful voice.

  4. @anonymous
    Your assumption that I have never sung professionally is wrong. I was speaking as one who has had to pay the bills by singing schlock like this for people who think they love opera because they loved that thing that the blind guy and Lloyd Webber's ex-wife sang on PBS that time. As one whore to another, I hope he got paid well, because the above was a musical equivalent of giving $5 tug jobs under the pier.
    On a side note, the baritone is the best singer onstage. How often does that happen...