Friday, February 11, 2011

Randal Turner to Perform Papa Haydn Live Today

Randal Turner to perform Haydn
Don't forget to tune in for the February 12th broadcast of barihunk Randal Turner performing Haydn's "The Seasons" (Die Jahreszeiten) with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. The live broadcast will be available over the internet at You will be asked to download a program called Octoshape in order to hear the broadcast. We tested it and it works fine.
The broadcast begins at 7:30 PM Central European time, so it's six hours difference to New York (1:30 PM) and nine hours to San Francisco/Los Angeles (10:30 AM).

Here he is singing from Don Giovanni. This clip has over 10,000 hits!

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  1. Papa Haydn! That's the way I used to call him! I thought it was my own invention. It's more than clear that he deserves the title.