Monday, May 2, 2016

Reader Submission: Miles Wilson-Tolliver aka "Pork Chop"

Miles Wilson-Tolliver
Our latest Reader Submission is barihunk Miles Wilson-Tolliver, who will be singing Dancaïre in Bizet's Carmen and Bill Calhoun in Cole Porter's Kiss Me, Kate this summer with Opera Theater of Pittsburgh. Additional information is available online.

We asked Miles if he'd be willing to answer a few questions, so readers could get to know him a little better. Read it to find out why he's called "Pork Chop."

1. What drew you to a career in opera? 
I am sure, just like many others, I was a complete Musical Theatre kid in high-school. I did a lot of singing in church and some choral work in the classical tradition, but never opera. Sarah Armstrong, my high-school music teacher heard something different in my voice and asked me to study privately with her. My interest in opera just grew from there and by senior year I was looking and auditioning for opera Programs around the country. I always have to add that the very first opera I saw in person was Wagner's Der Fliegender Holländer! And at 17, I was ready to sing Wotan! LOL.

2. You're singing in both Carmen and Kiss Me, Kate this summer. Do you have a preference singing opera or musicals?
I prefer to sing opera. I find it opera more challenging for me, and I think it is the most gratifying art form. I always love giving it my all!

Miles Wilson-Tolliver
3. What are your thoughts about singers taking care of their bodies as well as their voices? Do you have a routine to stay in shape?
Taking care of my body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, has become the only way to sing to my fullest potential at all times. I don't know how to stress it enough. It is so vital to be healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually. I go to the gym about five or six times a week. And I follow the Men's Health fitness routine. Monday is Chest and Triceps. Tuesday is Back and Biceps. Wednesday is abs and cardio, Thursday is shoulders. Friday is lower body and core strength. Saturday is rest day. Sunday is church, which in my opinion is an exercise in and of itself. Especially going to a southern black Pentecostal church. LOL

4. Are there any roles in particular that you really hope to get to perform someday?
I would love to play Wolfram in Tannhäuser! But we'll see not quite there yet!

5. What other passions do you have aside from music?
I love to cook. My mom and her mom taught me how very young. I make a mean southern home-cooked meal. I fry so many pork chops that "Pork Chop" has become my nickname, given by my best friend. My favorite meal to cook: Fried pork chops, southern baked mac and cheese, and green beans with pork fat. MMMMMM

Miles Wilson-Tolliver
6. What do you listen to other than opera?
I often listen to gospel, Kim Burrell is my favorite singer, I love country music and hip hop and R&B.

7. Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with opera.
I am pretty handy. I have spent summers working as an all around handy man. It's something I'm good at because I pick up fast and I'm good and trial and error. However, I don't get enjoyment out of it. I also am a member of Phi Delta Theta!

8. Do you have any idea who submitted you to Barihunks or is it a surprise?
I know who submitted me. Thanks Joele! :)

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