Sunday, December 16, 2007

#1 Hottest Barihunk in the Blogosphere: Teddy Tahu Rhodes

I love Teddy Tahu Rhodes, but I was surprised that he was the most visited barihunk. Not that he isn't hot, but he had some stiff competition with "Hot Schrott" and "Top Gunn." I also happen to think that Rhodes has the prettiest voice of the bunch. He clearly doesn't possess the sexy, deep, dark heft of Schrott's voice, but he sings Mozart as sweetly as anyone in the last generation. I've also received emails from two people who have worked with Rhodes who say he is the nicest guy in opera, which makes him even sexier!

The 6' 3" Rhodes claims to work out five to six times a week and is known to frequent the beaches with his surfboard. He has practically made a career out of three classic barihunk roles: Stanley in "Streetcar Named Desire," Don Giovanni and "Dead Man Walking." Teddy is in such good shape that he once sang an aria from "Dead Man Walking" while doing push-ups.

Although he is known as the "Singing Surfer" on this blog, he has also picked up the nickname "Tremendous Teddy" in opera circles.


  1. We refer to him as 'Topless Teddy" or 'Teddy Bare".

    That maid used to hang on to him after the grope session longer and longer each performance. I think by the end of the run last Friday she went down the trapdoor with him.

    PS, when you say 'stiff' competition do you know something we don't?

  2. "Teddy Bare"

    That's priceless.