Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

No pretty boys today, it's Halloween!

The top photo is John Marcus Bindel performing Jochanaan at the Nashville Opera.

The bottom photo is the usually adorable barihunk Martin Achrainer in Sweeney Todd.

I think both of these guys could scare some trick-or-treaters.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Teddy Down Under

Teddy Tahu Rhodes is back in his homeland of New Zealand after taking America by storm. The super sexy barihunks has dozens of new fans after showing off his physical and vocal talents in Peter Grimes and Billy Budd. He returns to the United States on June 11 and 13 at the Cincinnati Opera playing Count Almaviva in the Marriage of Figaro(

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Muslim Magomayev dies

One the first singers to appear on Barihunks was Muslim Magomayev who I am sad to report passed away yesterday. Here is the ABC News report:

Singer Muslim Magomaev, a legendary crooner of the Soviet stage, died in Moscow on Saturday (local time) aged 66 after a long illness, his personal website and Russian news agencies reported.

Magomaev, who launched his career with an internship in Milan's famed La Scala opera theatre in 1963 and enjoyed great success in Paris's Olympia theatre, abandoned opera in favour of a more pop repertoire, becoming a legend of the Soviet Union's 1960s generation.

Born in Azerbaijan's capital Baku in 1942, Magomaev sang over 600 Russian and Neapolitan romances, classical arias and pop songs, and was himself author of over 20 songs and film soundtracks.

Named USSR People's Artist in 1973, Magomaev later founded Azerbaijan's state symphonic orchestra and headed it from 1975-1989.

"Muslim's death is one of the worst shocks for me, but his first appearance many years ago was also a shock - happy, sunny and wonderfully emotional, he immediately won over colleagues who admitted he was more talented," friend and fellow singer Lev Leshchenko said.

"Muslim was one and only, he gave people new hopes, and all of our country sang his songs - he was a great singer, a great artist," Mr Leshchenko told the Dni online newspaper.

Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin offered their condolences to Magomaev's widow, opera singer Tamara Sinyavskaya, with Russia's culture ministry comparing Magomaev to Frank Sinatra and Yves Montand in their statement.

Ninth round matches in Azerbaijan's football championship will begin with a minute of silence honouring Magomaev, website reported.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blue Without Tahu

I got the funniest email from a woman who has to be Teddy Tahu Rhodes' biggest fan. She wrote, "I get downright blue if I check your site and their [sic] is nothing new with Teddy Tahu Rhodes. Why does Nathan Gunn get so much space? He's cute, but boring. Teddy is edgy and gets me excited."

These are for her. Are this pictures from "Dead Man Walking" edgy enough? I wonder if she's the same woman who visits the "Night Stalker" in prison.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christopher Maltman as Tarquinius in "The Rape of Lucretia"

It looks like Christopher Maltman is spending as much time at the gym as with his scores. He sounds great and looks even better. Maltman is BUFF!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Hot in Ft. Worth

If you live in Dallas, you may want to hop on Interstate 30 and head over to Ft. Worth where they are burning up the stage with some Barihunks favorites. The top photo is of Craig Verm who appeared on this site in August ( The next photo is of one of my personal favorites, David Adam Moore, who I've had a tough time finding barihunky photos of for this site. Luckily, we now have this photo from the Ft. Worth Opera's production of Peter Eotvos’ “Angels in America,” which attests to why we'd like to see more, more, more...

The Ft. Worth Opera has also announced that it will perform one of our favorite operas at this site, Dead Man Walking, with one of our most popular barihunks, Daniel Okulitch. If you haven't checked out his hot Canadian, we have plenty of photos ( For more information on Dead Man Walking, visit their website at This should be a great night in the theater.

Once again, if you have photos that you'd like to share, please send them to

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh, to be one of these women...

Erwin "Hot" Schrott seems to have this effect with people on stage and off. When Leporello sings that he's seduces 1,003 women in Spain, the line usually draws a laugh. When I saw him perform the role in New York, there wasn't a peep, as if the audience was saying in unison, "That seems about right!"

Gunn in Michigan

Thanks to "Mike in Michigan" for sending along this photo of Nathan Gunn from the Michigan Opera in 2004. Mike thinks that Nathan has put on some weight for the Chicago Lyric performance, but "he's still hot."

I'm more interesting in figuring out why the Michigan Opera Theater decided to dress Top Gunn in Salome's seven veils and not the diaper that the supernumeraries had to wear.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nathan Gunn as Lancelot in Camelot

Here's the video of Nathan Gunn as Sir Lance-a-lot

Nathan Gunn as Sir Lance-a-lot in Camelot

How can I top Rex Reed's description of Nathan Gunn's recent performance in Camelot?

The Philharmonic never sounded fuller or richer, the score is still gorgeous, and the energy and charm of Nathan Gunn was so overwhelming you could forgive everything loopy that surrounded it. This was a Camelot (and a production of Camelot) that was clearly claimed and ruled by this dynamic, mesmerizing baritone, in a triumphant performance that transported Lancelot into the most dashing knight who ever turned a Round Table upside down. He has been praised throughout the world in a panoramic field of dramatic operas ranging from The Magic Flute and The Barber of Seville to Billy Budd and An American Tragedy, so his acting chops come as no revelation, but now Mr. Gunn has turned his first Broadway-style career crossover into a titanic triumph, capturing every aspect of Lancelot’s personality—pompus, hilariously vain and obsessively self-worshipping on “C’est Moi”; chivalrous and sexy in the Queen’s arms; valiant with a sword; growing into tenderness and humility after betraying the king he loves more than his own ego—with a virile and colorful stage presence, a convincing French accent and a lyrical voice rich in depth and tone. Unless the music world has given up the search for another Alfred Drake, someone is busily creating a new Broadway musical just for him, as we speak. Camelot sometimes meandered, but Nathan Gunn was unforgettable.

Don Giovanni and Leporello

Just how close are Don Giovanni and his sidekick Leporello? In the libretto Leporello is at times hopelessly devoted to his master, but at other times seems quite willing to reveal him as the rake that he is.

Perhaps the second cast of Mozart's masterpiece at the Royal Opera House in London can help us answer that age old question.

Clearly, in the top photo Don Giovanni (Mariusz Kwiecien) and Leporello (Alex Esposito) seem to be sharing a particularly intimate moment. Later, at the current call, Esposito seems to be curious about what was poking at him earlier in the night.

Alex, did no one warn you about the Hot Pole? If you want a better look, check out this old Barihunks post:

Separated at Birth?

Here's something new to Barihunks: Separated at birth?

Check out Nathan Gunn from Chicago's "Pearl Fishers" and Russell Crowe from "Gladiator." The resemblance is striking.

Who would you prefer rushing to your rescue?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Hot Shave: Jose Carbo sings "Al idea di quel metallo"

About two months ago I posted a video of the adorable Jose Carbo singing the Largo. Here he is at the Teatro Real with the amazing tenor Lawrence Brownlee singing "Al idea di quel metallo." In a bit of luxury barihunk casting the role of Basilio was sung by Ildebrando d'Arcangelo.

I've received a couple of emails from Carbo's colleagues who say that he is the nicest person to work with.

How about a Hot Shave from Michael Mayes?

The Barber is not usually a barihunk role, but Michael Mayes looks pretty good in this performance (which I believe is from Duluth). We're looking forward to seeing a lot more of this artist who finished third in the Met auditions in Chicago.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shirtless "Top Gunn" in Chicago

I'm not sure if I'd recognize Nathan Gunn with his shirt on and that's the way it should be. At 38, he stills looks great singing Zurga opposite Nicole Cabell and Eric Cutler (who is looking pretty good these days). Wikipedia has this to say about our favorite Top Gunn:

While he is justly famous for his vocal prowess and acting, Nathan Gunn has received almost more fame for his physique, a peculiar feat for an opera singer.

It looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of Nathan Gunn in all of his cuteness, as his next three roles are in the Magic Flute (and he is the world's most adorable Papageno), Rape of Lucretia and the world premiere of Andre Previn's "A Brief Encounter" based on a Noel Coward play.

Let's just hope that he sings in briefs!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lee Poulis sings "Cruda, funesta smania" from Lucia

Kudos to one of our loyal readers for bringing Lee Poulis back to my attention with this shirtless photo. His career has rocketed in the last year with him portraying major roles in Santiago, Chemnitz, Bonn and with Washington Opera. People who have worked with him say that the Harvard graduate is the smartest guy in opera.
He also has a cameo as the Marquis on the Renee Fleming/Rolando Villazon "La Traviata" out on DVD.
We've seen pictures of him as Papageno [as seen on this site], but have heard from one reader that he was an adorable Masetto, as well. Anyone with pictures of this performance or others, please email them to

Monday, October 6, 2008

Maltman asked about being on Barihunks

[Top photo, music critic Hugh Shirley; Bottom photo, barihunk Christopher Maltman]

Christopher Maltman is asked about being mentioned on the Barihunks site by Hugh Shirley on the MusicalCriticism site at Shirley, by the way, would fit right in amongst our operatic beefcake - see top photo. Here is part of what the Canadian barihunk had to say:

I mention the fact that when searching online for information about the Salzburg Don Giovanni, the first result was was a 'Barihunks' blog. Maltman laughs uproariously. He tells me this doesn't bother him but that it's irrelevant..."I think I give the same answer to that kind of interpretation. I try and do my job as well as I possibly can and for me, personally, that involves me being in good shape. I feel I'm more able to do what I want on stage and am more comfortable in the role I'm playing"

I should mention that is one of the best sites for information about opera. The reviews and interviews are thoughtful and intelligent and are often far better than what one will find in a major daily.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Teddy Bare in Australia

I was thrilled to return from my vacation and find a number of readers had sent me pictures of Teddy Tahu Rhodes from the recent Billy Budd at Opera Australia and a screen shot of an interview that he did with ABC News Australia.

Having the "Right Package" & Wedding Bells

Finally a new picture of Teddy Bare from Billy Budd, courtesy of the New Zealand Herald. That paper also ran this fun quote from our beloved barihunk Teddy Tahu Rhodes:

He is relaxed about the headlines about his good looks. If it improves his marketability, then good. "We can be politically correct and say casting is not about that, but ..."

He hastens to add it's ultimately about the voice, but in an increasingly mobile world if a director has to choose between two singers of the same level, "I guess they'd go for the package they thought was right."

Also, OperaChic reported that Teddy Bare is marrying the equally stunning mezzo Isabel Leonard.

Isabel, congratulations on going for the right package!

Friday, October 3, 2008

More Kwiecien; Barihunk Fest awaits

The third picture from the top is the latest hot photo of The Hot Pole Mariusz Kwiecien singing his signature role of Don Giovanni in London. The photo second from the top is allegedly from Canada. The article accompanying the center photo has Kwiecien quoted as saying that he did an "uncomfortable" photo shoot with the Polish version of Cosmoplitan magazine. I googled like crazy, but couldn't find the photo. I even tried the Polish sites and was that an adventure. What some people will do to get a photo of a Hot Pole.

Speaking of Don Giovanni, I'm back on U.S. soil after listening to some Puccini in his home town of Lucca and I'm off to the Metropolitan Opera on Saturday for the barihunk fest with Erwin Scrott, Ildebrando d'Arcangelo [top photo] and Joshua Bloom.