Friday, October 3, 2008

More Kwiecien; Barihunk Fest awaits

The third picture from the top is the latest hot photo of The Hot Pole Mariusz Kwiecien singing his signature role of Don Giovanni in London. The photo second from the top is allegedly from Canada. The article accompanying the center photo has Kwiecien quoted as saying that he did an "uncomfortable" photo shoot with the Polish version of Cosmoplitan magazine. I googled like crazy, but couldn't find the photo. I even tried the Polish sites and was that an adventure. What some people will do to get a photo of a Hot Pole.

Speaking of Don Giovanni, I'm back on U.S. soil after listening to some Puccini in his home town of Lucca and I'm off to the Metropolitan Opera on Saturday for the barihunk fest with Erwin Scrott, Ildebrando d'Arcangelo [top photo] and Joshua Bloom.


  1. Looks like the gym is the next stop if he wants to hit real barihunk status

  2. Well, he might not be the buffest of the baritones, but he is slender and trim and exudes an animal magnetism and sexuality on stage that is missing from singer far buffer than he. I'd take him.

  3. Ok,
    so I have been checking out this blog for about few weeks, and YOU ROCK!

    Thanks to this blog, I was able to catch Hot Schrott and D'arcangelo in 10/4 at MET... and damn. I have been natural high since, its so good, it's excruciating.

    MET needs to post Schrott's shirtless picture on the performance on their billboard.

    I have heard two young ladies sitting next to me gasping when he slammed one of his failed conquest to the table... (we were on the 4th row. )

    Schrott was simply believable, sensual, delicious and dangerous.

    And D'arcangelo. God, That was a best cast you can think of , on opposite of Schrott ... WE WANT DVD!
    I could enver imagined leporello can be so sexy.