Monday, October 6, 2008

Maltman asked about being on Barihunks

[Top photo, music critic Hugh Shirley; Bottom photo, barihunk Christopher Maltman]

Christopher Maltman is asked about being mentioned on the Barihunks site by Hugh Shirley on the MusicalCriticism site at Shirley, by the way, would fit right in amongst our operatic beefcake - see top photo. Here is part of what the Canadian barihunk had to say:

I mention the fact that when searching online for information about the Salzburg Don Giovanni, the first result was was a 'Barihunks' blog. Maltman laughs uproariously. He tells me this doesn't bother him but that it's irrelevant..."I think I give the same answer to that kind of interpretation. I try and do my job as well as I possibly can and for me, personally, that involves me being in good shape. I feel I'm more able to do what I want on stage and am more comfortable in the role I'm playing"

I should mention that is one of the best sites for information about opera. The reviews and interviews are thoughtful and intelligent and are often far better than what one will find in a major daily.


  1. Christopher is well and truly British and a lovely guy!!

  2. Both quite lovely!

  3. "Don Giovanni was Christopher Maltman, the British baritone, who had his shirt off so much, I thought he was Nathan Gunn." That was Jay Nordlinger reviewing Maltman's Salzburg Don Giovanni for The NY SUN (alas the SUN is no longer there).

    BTW, the Don G is supposedly being broadcasted in select movie theaters in the US by the Emerging Pictures. They also broadcast La Scala productions and productions from various Italian houses. But the marketing is SO AWFUL! I cannot find the broadcast dates. Did anyone see it? or any of their broadcasts?