Sunday, April 6, 2008

Almas Svilpa

Lithuanian Bass/Barihunk Almas Svilpa has primarily been featured at the Aalto-Musiktheater in Essen, Germany. He studied in Zurich and performed in Karlsruhe before becoming the resident hunk in Essen.

In Essen he has performed Méphistophèles in Faust, Orest in Elektra, Basilio in Barber, Ferrando in Il Trovatore, Kaspar in Der Freischütz, and Wurm in Luisa Miller.

Barihunk roles include Papageno. Jochanaan, and Theseus in Midsummer's Night Dream (who is usually portrayed much sexier in art than on stage). Normally one would not consider The Flying Dutchman a barihunk role, but these photos show that Svilpa can bring a little heat to the cold ocean air.

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