Monday, January 16, 2012

Congratulations to Francesca Zambello & Faith Gay

Francesca Zambello
We consider director and Glimmerglass General Director Francesca Zambello the honorary mother of Barihunks. She is often credited with coining the term, if not bringing it into popular usage. She was the first director to truly recognize the artistic and box office appeal of barihunks. Her productions with an oft shirtless Nathan Gunn launched the term into the operatic lexicon. Click HERE to read the post at Parterre.

We recently learned from one of our favorite websites,, that Zambello married her partner Faith Gay on December 22. We'd like to wish the couple the best of luck and eternal happiness.

Also, if you missed Zambello's amazing Ring Cycle in San Francisco, you will get a second chance. It's being produced by the Washington Opera in 2016. Trust us, it's not to be missed. Make your travel plans today!


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  1. Congrats for Francesca! My lady, you made the sexiest Billy Budd production ever. And also that awesome Don Giovanni in London.