Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Peter Trautwein to perform at 2017 Classic Meets Fetish

Peter Trautwein and performers fro Classic Meets Fetish
Barihunk Peter Trautwein will perform at the 2017 Classic Meets Fetish concert on September 7th in Berlin, Germany. The concert is a charitable fundraiser for Berlin-based organizations who help those with HIV/AIDS. Last year, the concert raised money EU2000 each for the Berliner Aidshilfe, which works with HIV prevention and testing, and the Hospiz Tauwerk, who provide assistance to those dying of AIDS. 

Cellist George Kroneis, who will perform again this year
The concert assembles a small group of professional international musicians, including singers and instrumentalists who will perform everything from Bach and Vivaldi to music from Star Wars. Trautwein will perform the Torreador's aria from Bizet's Carmen.

Other performers this year include organist Martin Carl, cellist Paul Leather, pianist Jack Parton, flutist Ash Hodge, pianist Greg Winn, cellist George Kroneis and recorder player Denis Chevalier.

Tickets are available online.

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