Friday, September 1, 2017

Barihunk Jesse Blumberg to revive Rosenmüller cantatas

Johann Rosenmüller and Jesse Blumberg
American barihunk Jesse Blumberg rejoins the baroque string ensemble ACRONYM on September 29th for their performance of "Valley of Tears: Bass Cantatas and Instrumental Sonatas of Johann Rosenmüller." The program will alternate large ensemble chamber sonatas published in Venice in 1670 with unpublished bass cantatas, which ACRONYM has transcribed for baritone from manuscripts recently rediscovered in Berlin.   

The cantata, Salve mi Jesu, Pater misericordiae, contains the words lachrimarum valle, or “valley of tears.” Mid-career, the German composer was forced to flee from Leipzig to Venice after being imprisoned for alleged "homosexual activity." He lived in Venice for many years, lavishing his musical gifts upon that city and teaching at the Ospedale della Pietà orphanage for girls. He was considered a significant figure in the super-competitive music world of Venice in the late seventeenth century.

Jesse Blumberg and ACRONYM perform Johann Rosenmüller:

In his later years, Rosenmüller returned to Germany with Duke Anton-Ulrich of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, at whose court he served as choir master. He died in Wolfenbüttel on September 10, 1684, and was buried there.

Performances will be at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York and tickets are available online.

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