Friday, October 13, 2017

Romain Dayez in French operetta rarity

Romain Dayez
French barihunk Romain Dayez will sing Gérard Cardoval in Raoul Moretti's rarely performed operetta Un Soir de Réveillon. The piece was originally performed on stage of the Moulin de la Galette in Paris for broadcast on French television. The piece is performed in 10 vignettes written by Paul Armont et Marcel Gerbidon.

The story revolves around Viviane, the mistress of a wealthy Englishman named Bob, who is hosting a dinner a dinner party. Among the guests is Dayez's character Gérard Cardoval, a cheerful young man who has just inherited a huge sum of money and plans on spending it on beautiful women. He also has no plans to ever marry any of them. That same evening, Monique Lepage, a smart young woman, comes to visit her old friend Viviane and hatched a plot to be disguised as a young woman from the country.

There will be two performances at the Cabaret La Nouvelle Eve between November 6-December 26. Tickets are available online.  

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