Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Christopher Burchett returns to Soldier Songs

Christopher Burchett
The Fargo-Moorhead Opera, continues to present some of the most compelling new American operas, with their April 6 and 8 performances of David T. Little's gripping Soldier Songs with American barihunk Christopher Burchett returning to the role of the Soldier. Tickets are available online.  

Christopher Burchett in Soldier Songs:

Soldier Songs traces the shift in perception of war  from the age of 6 to the age of 66.  Follow the lead character through the  phases of life from boy to man:  playing violent video games as a boy, enlisting & serving in the military, dealing with the real-life horrors of war & later in life dealing with the real-life horrors of war - becoming a father whose worst fears are realized with the news of the death of his son.  Adapted from interviews with veterans of five wars, this opera theater experience explores the ideas versus the realities of the Soldier, the exploration of and exploitation of innocence along with the "seemingly impossible" of expressing the truth of war. 

Burchett has performed the piece with the Prototype Festival and Beth Morrison Projects in New York and Amsterdam.

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