Monday, May 12, 2008

More Philip Cutlip

OK, everyone seems to want more and more of Philip Cutlip, so here's a teaser.
The other barihunks better beware, Cutlip is hot with readers of this blog!


  1. I want skin and I want it now!! Surely there are some more interesting pix of Cutlip out there.... Please share. Isn't that what this site is all about? How about something from his Billy Budd?

  2. Hello there, as I've been occasionally dropping in on your blog to enjoy the luvverly barihunks for some time now, I think it's time I pointed out one myself:

    Okay, not shirtless, but with a leather jacket.
    If you've already posted about him, ignore. Though this guy seems hard to ignore.

    Thanks for all the fun and keep it up!


  3. He did "End of the Affair" at Seattle Opera a few years ago and dropped his boxers with his back in full view of the audience. I'd say I've never seen the audience abuzz during intermission.