Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A CD For Baritone/Barihunk Lovers

[Duncan Rock with Dmitri Hvorostovsky]

[Laurence Meikle]

Imagine our great joy when we learned that the independent label Zoom had released a recording of Elgar's "The Fringes of the Fleet." This is a rarely performed piece based on poetry by Rudyard Kipling scored for four baritones and orchestra.

The folks at Zoom also managed to nab four attractive young barihunks, Duncan Rock, Laurence Meikle, Nicholas Lester and the supremely talented Roderick Williams. The work was a huge success when it premiered in 1917, but has been lost to time. Let's hope that some performance venue resurrects the work.

You can find the CD on the carousel to the right.



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  1. This is indeed the most wonderful disc, and higly recommended. You should add some pictures of Roderic Williams, a very talented guy

  2. Let's hear the boys again. You have got a living and vibrant sound going on here and the success of the disk says that the market place is ready for these voices. The guys blend and generate so much it would be sad not to hear more of them collectively and individually.They have rocketed into our consciousness and we want to hear them as soloists too.

  3. first time for a long time I have heard such attack and energy in the singing everyone got it right the whole CD goes up a notch with each number, congrats to everyone, you should make some more. Any chance of a live concert?

  4. Is Hvorostovsky featured as one of the mentioned four baritones on this disc? I assumed his repertoire only included Italian and Russian works? It appears to be a work of high caliber.