Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Sing for Hope" Turns Out The Stars (and a few Barihunks)

Chris Herbert with his Aunt Martha/Julie & Nathan Gunn (yes, he's married!)
There is nothing we love more at Barihunks than when singers are involved in good charities. No one does more than Chris Herbert and on Thursday night he was a key part of the "Sing for Hope" gala. The program raises awareness and need money for programs that benefit schools, hospitals and local communities.

Thursday's event also raised funds for the 2011 return of "Sing for Hope" Street Pianos, a public art installation that brought 60 upright pianos to the streets of New York, which we covered earlier this year.

Attendees included soprano Renée Fleming, Hugh Jackman, Nathan Gunn, Billie Jean King, Martha Stewart (Herbert's aunt),  pianist Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen, Roger Bart, mezzo Kate Lindsey, tenors Glenn Seven Allen and Michael Slattery, and pop legend Tony Bennett. 

We encourage readers of this site to support this great organization. Please visit their website and help make a difference. A gift of $25.00 provides six New York City students with an hour of dynamic arts and leadership education or brings bedside performances to five hospital-bound patients.

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