Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aussie Football Meets Opera

  Barihunks Jud Arthur and Teddy Tahu Rhodes with North Melbourne vice-captain Drew Petrie. (Picture: Manuela Cifra Source: Herald Sun) 
From the Melbourne Herald-Sun:

By Loretta Hall

MATCH fitness is the secret to success for footy players and opera singers alike.

To prove the point, Opera Australia singers Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Jud Arthur teamed with North Melbourne's Drew Petrie at Arden St this week - and traded tips about staying in shape.

"They have to be in good nick to belt out their tunes," the Kangaroos vice-captain says. "And they need abdominal muscle strength for that."

Petrie was impressed with Arthur's ball-kicking ability.

The singer, performing in Opera Australia's Rigoletto as Monterone, once enjoyed a professional rugby career in New Zealand and only rediscovered his love of song while recovering from injury.

Rhodes, playing the lead role in The Marriage of Figaro, has the physique of an AFL footy player and whenever he performs in the same city as Arthur, they train and run together.

But Arthur admitted their gym regimen was nowhere near as stringent as that of Petrie, who works out six days a week.

Is Petrie into opera? Not as yet but the Kangaroo hopes to "get along for a bit of a listen" this week.


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