Friday, March 4, 2011

"Hot Schrott" Has A New Website

Erwin Schrott's, who already had one of the best websites for an opera singer, has given his site an overhaul. It appears the redesign revolves around the release of his new recording "Rojotango," which will be released on April 17 at the new site. Check it out HERE.

Also, we're waiting for David Krohn's new website to launch today, as well. [UPDATE: An astute reader has pointed out that Krohn's website was scheduled for an update on March 4,, 2010, not 2011].

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  1. David Krohn's website has had the "coming soon" sign up for 18 months now ... if you look close, it says it was supposed to go live on March 4th of '10 (last year). I guess we shouldn't hold our breath!

  2. I hadn't noticed that the date was a year ago! I clicked the link 3 times today to see whether there'd be anything interesting.