Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mel Ulrich!

Mel Ulrich
We've never understood the early retirement of American barihunk Mel Ulrich, who was still burning up the stage when he prematurely called it quits. He teased us in January, when he performed a concert 90 miles outside of Ft. Worth, but it didn't lead to any additional engagements. We want Mel to know that we truly miss him on the stage and that we are going to celebrate him on his birthday.

Come back, Mel! We miss you.

The always sexy Mel Ulrich
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  1. He sang beautifully in "Mahagonny" in LA several years ago, which may have been his last gig. There was some announcement that he was going to work in the father-in-law's business, which is definitely a shame for the opera...