Saturday, March 24, 2012

Interview with David Krohn; Star of Seattle Opera YAP's Don Pasquale

David Krohn in Seattle Opera's YAP "Don Giovanni" Photo by Rozarii Lynch

We've featured David Krohn as the star in Don Giovanni at the Seattle Opera's Young Artist, as well as in our Barihunks Charity Calendar. The gifted young singer is wrapping up his second season performing Dr. Malatesta in Donizetti's Don Pasquale on March 31 and April 6. He'll be alternating the role with fellow barihunk and calendar model Joseph Lattanzi (interview forthcoming). Visit the Seattle Opera website for more information. 

After the young artist program, Krohn will join the Seattle Opera roster and perform Prince Yamadori on the mainstage in Puccini's Madama Butterfly.

Here is an interview with David Krohn from the Seattle Opera blog:

Previously on the Blog, you shared with us stories from your summer spent living in Italy. Do you think your time there has helped you with Italian roles like Dr. Malatesta in Don Pasquale?
I think any time you get the opportunity to spend time in a foreign country learning another language, and learning from another culture, you get insight into any role that comes from that country. You also get insight into the language, and why a character would chase to say something a certain way. I could deliver a line and say, “Hi, how are you?” or I could say, “What’s going on today?” or “How you been?” There are a thousand different ways I could phrase something, depending on the language, which then informs a little something about my character. You can read behind the text, the more comfortable you are with the language.

Earlier this season, you sang Dancaïre in Seattle Opera’s mainstage production of Carmen and Albert in the YAP’s Werther. Now you’re prepping for Dr. Malatesta in Don Pasquale, and you’ll help close Seattle Opera’s season in May as Prince Yamadori in the mainstage Madama Butterfly. Which of these characters are you most like?
Well, that’s a difficult question! Dancaïre is a smuggler in the mountains of Spain who tells his girlfriend to go and have sex with customs agents in order to pass contraband. So I hope I’m not like Dancaïre. Albert is a jealous husband who essentially gives his best friend pistols so that he can kill himself, so I’m not Albert. Yamadori is an Asian prince who tries to marry an already married woman, so I’m probably not Yamadori. Malatesta is the only one left, so I guess I’d have to say I’m the most like him, out of default, but I don’t really think I’m anything like Malatesta.

[Read the entire interview at the Seattle Opera blog]


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