Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SF Lyric Opera returns with Eugene Brancoveanu in "the little match girl passion"

Eugene Brancoveanu in Machine at The Crucible earlier this year

The San Francisco Lyric Opera vanished from the scene for awhile, but they're back with David Lang's "the little match girl passion." The production features Barihunks regular Eugene Brancoveanu.

Based on the Hans Christian Andersen story and influenced by Bach's St. Matthew Passion, the Pulitzer Prize-winning "the little match girl passion" has become one of the most heralded compositions since its premiere at Carnegie Hall.

Anastazia Louise of Bad Unkl Sista will create costumes and choreography for the production, the first West Coast production to include movement. Anastazia's fusion of Butoh-style dance with Western music focuses on creative, proactive human development.

Performances run from March 23-25 at the ODC Theater in San Francisco. Visit their website for additional information. 

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  1. Mario Diaz-Moresco is not in this production, but Eric Maggay Tuan is, and while he has a marvelous voice capable of a variety of sounds, I don't hink anyone is going to be calling him a "barihunk" any time soon.

    I sat in on a rehearsal last weekend and it promises to be be moving and quite good.