Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jonathan Estabrooks video: "The Most Wonderful Memes of the Year - 2012"

Jonathan Estabrooks and his Santa Dancers
We've always maintained that Canadian barihunk Jonathan Estabrooks is one of the most versatile and original singers in the business. He's proved himself again this holiday season with "The Most Wonderful Memes of the Year - 2012" video, which was done at Algonquin College.

Estabrooks' hope is that the video will go viral, so make sure to post it on your Facebook site or Twitter feed. He also wants to perform this on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, so if anyone from "Team Ellen" is reading this, please call and book him on your show. We could even provide you with some barihunk backup dancers who are guaranteed to make your audience go WILD!

You can watch the making of this video at Estabrook's YouTube site:

You can follow Jonathan Estabrooks on Twitter at @estarp. 

Estabrooks is also featured in our 2013 Barihunks Calendar as Mr. July with a shirtless tribute to his native Canada. You can get your own copy by clicking the Lulu button below:

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