Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Marty in the Morning" has some fun with barihunks

Richard Suart
Gilbert and Sullivan specialists Richard Suart and Steven Page appeared on the popular Irish radio show "Marty in the Morning" this morning. Although "The Gondoliers" was the topic, it eventually turned into a fun discussion about barihunks.  A phenomenon that they described as a bunch of "well-endowed baritones who attend gymnasiums...who are almost exclusively Americans."
The topic apparently didn't come up by accident, as Marty said his notes stated "ask about barihunks" highlighted in yellow marker. We felt bad that the two "avid watchers" of the site have never appeared on it, so we thought a post was only appropriate.
Steven Page
The segment includes some fun clips from Gilbert & Sullivan, including "From the sunny Spanish shore."
The two men are performing "The Gondoliers" at the National Concert Hall in Dublin on Thursday, January 10th. Tickets are available online
You can listen to the show online. The conversation starts around the 2:39 mark with the two comic performers. Welcome to Barihunks, lads.

"The flowers that bloom in the Spring" sung by Marie McLaughlin as Yum Yum, Richard Suart as Ko-Ko, Anthony Rolfe Johnson as Nanki-Poo, Anne Howells as Pitti-Sing, 
and Richard van Allan as Pooh-Bah

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