Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reader Submission: Pavol Kubán

Pavol Kubán
Last year we got some amazing reader submissions and it remains the #1 way that new talent finds its way onto Barihunks. It only took one day into the new year for us to receive our first reader submission of 2013.

A fan in Germany spotted Slovakian barihunk Pavol Kubán making his debut at the Semperoper in Dresden playing Nibbio in Domenico Sarro’s 1724 two-part intermezzo "Dorina e Nibbio." The original story by Pietro Metastasio tells of the impresario Nibbio who wishes to make the vocally talented village girl Dorina the star of his latest production. During the rehearsals Dorina increasingly feels herself exploited and humiliated. The end result is a public scandal at the premiere.

Pavol Kubán (Nibbio) and Gala El Hadidi (Dorina)
Pavol Kubán won the 2009 second Price at the Ferruccio Tagliavini Singing Competition in Austria and the Special Prize of the Opera Studio at the Scuola Italiana dell'Opera in Bologna. In the same year he appeared as a soloist with the baritone Johann Nepomuk Hummel's Oratorium in Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and was on two U.S. tours. In 2010, he was a finalist at the Hans Gabor Belvedere Competition in Vienna.  

Since 2010 Pavol Kuban studied at the Scuola Italiana dell'Opera in Bologna. In 2011, he joined the Opera Festival Itria in Martina Franca, Italy in two productions, "Il novello di Giasone" and "IIl convitato di pietra."

Additional performances of "Dorina e Nibbio" are on March 24, May 9, May 19 and June 30. Tickets are available online.  

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