Saturday, February 15, 2014

Keith Phares reprises Elmer Gantry with Tulsa Opera

Keith Phares in Tulsa Opera's promotional material for Elmer Gantry
Keith Phares in going to reprise his role as Elmer Gantry in Robert Aldridge's opera about the womanizing, hypocritical religious figure who attains great heights before being exposed and disgraced. The opera will play for two nights at the Tulsa Opera on February 28 and March 2. Tickets are available online.

Also in the show is Casey Yeargin as the Revival Worker. We recently featured him for his dramatic BariChunk to BariHunk transformation, which has been extremely popular and inspirational with readers.

Keith Phares sings, "When you hear the truth do you know it?"

Keith Phares sings,"Of course, I mean nothing to her"/"She is the sign to me"

Keith Phares in Elmer Gantry
Phares performed the role with the Nashville Opera in 2008 and in his debut with the Florentine Opera in 2010. The latter performance was recorded live and released on Naxos records and named Opera News' top opera recording of 2011.

Phares recently scored a huge critical success in Gregory Spears' chamber opera Paul's Case with the PROTOTYPE festival in New York City.

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  1. EG is not a hypocrit! Flawed? Yes, but not insincere. Have you read the book?