Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lee Poulis & Kevin Thompson in Don Carlo concert

Kevin Thompson (left) and Lee Poulis (right)
There are few operas with more great music for low voices than Verdi's Don Carlo. On May 27th, you can see two barihunks perform Rodrigo and the Grand Inquisitor in a concert version at the Martha Cardona Theater in New York City.

Rodrigo will be sung by Lee Poulis, who gets to sing "Carlo ch'è sol il nostro amore," "Per me giunto è il di supreme" and "Io morrò, ma lieto in core." Kevin Thompson, as the Grand Inquisitor, gets to sing the great duet "Il grand inquisitor!" with King Phillip. 

Verdi’s original version of the opera premiered in Paris in 1867 as Don Carlos, and was sung in French. It was later translated into Italian as Don Carlo. The opera is often considered to be one of Verdi’s greatest operas, despite the fact that it has a darker tone and more complicated personalities than you’d find in many of his other operas.

Verdi’s Don Carlo is an epic story of love, jealousy, war, betrayal and death. Politics, love and family loyalties are tested in this epic battle of wills involving a tyrannical king, a despairing prince and an innocent young woman. When sung well, it's one of the most potent operas in the Italian repertory.

Tickets are $25 ($20 for singers, seniors, and students) and are available by calling (718) 490-4289.

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