Wednesday, January 14, 2015

RIchard Rittelmann in Liszt rarity

Richard Alexandre Rittelmann as Escamillo and in the Barihunks Calendar
Richard Alexandre Rittelmann, who was one the winners of our Barihunks Charity Calendar photo contest, has some interesting concerts on the horizon.

On February 8th, he'll sing Ludwig, one of the main baritone parts in Franz Liszt's rarely performed Die Legende von der heiligen Elisabeth at the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos under Arturo Tamayo. Liszt wrote the score between 1857-62, using a libretto by Otto Roquette. The story depicts the life of Hungary's Saint Elizabeth and incorporates the Catholic plainchant used on her feast day, as well as Hungarian melodies. From the plainchant, Liszt extracted a short motive, which he used as a symbol of the cross. The piece is scored for plenty of low voices, including three baritones and two basses as well as a mezzo-soprano, soprano and a chorus.

A little side note of interest, Rittlemann is part Hungarian. Tickets are available online

Eva Marton sings the prayer from Die Legende von der heiligen Elisabeth:

On February 20th, he then returns to more standard fare when he performs the torreador Escamillo in Bizet's Carmen. He sings the role opposite the gypsy Karine Ohanyan on the French Riviera at the Palais de l'Europe in Menton.

From March 6-21 he sings Sergeant Sulpice in Donizetti's La figlia del reggimento at the Teatro Nuovo in Torino

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  1. very happy to announce my premiere at the Theatre São Carlos in Lisboa with the mystic oratorio composed by Franz Liszt Die Legende von der heiligen Elisabeth , and sing again with Maestro Arturo Tamayo and the great soprano Carole Louis.
    After a couple of years I can t wait to perform again Escamillo in Carmen with one of the best french mezzo Karine Ohanyan in South France with Maestro Bruno Membrey and directed by Thierry Azzopardi.
    Finally on March I will take part of a new production of La figlia del Reggimento as Sulpizio at Teatro Nuovo Torino FONDAZIONE CRT and a big tour in north italy with Gabriele D. G. Bolletta conducted by Maestro Gianmaria Griglio and directed by Girolamo Angione.
    Special thx to Barihunks to promote " their " baritones and long life to their conceptors Francesca and Michael :)))