Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Feast of barihunks in AVA's The Demon

Nathan Milholin, André Courville and Daniel Noyola
 The Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia will present Anton Rubinstein's The Demon on December 10, 13 & 15 at the Helen Corning Warden Theater. 

The opera is a veritable feast for lovers of the low male voice, featuring a baritone as The Demon, a bass-baritone as Prince Gudal and a bass-baritone as the Old Servant. 

Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Alexander Tsymbalyuk in The Demon (complete):

The Russian Opera Workshop will present rotating casts, with Ethan Simpson, Timothy Renner and Christopher Kenney sharing title role duties, Nathan Milholin and Daniel Noyola performing the Prince and André Courville taking on the Old Servant all three nights.
Even the smaller roles of the bandits include barihunks Jared Bybee and Anthony Whitson-Martini. Bybee also appears in our 2017 Barihunks in Bed calendar (check out the bottom of the post)!

Christopher Kenney, Timothy Renner and Ethan Simpson
Jared Bybee and Anthony Whitson-Martini rehearse as the bandits

The story is about a fallen angel, the Demon, who is banished from heaven and is condemned to spend eternity alone. The angel appears and warns the Demon not to destroy God’s creation and try to reconcile with heaven. the rebellious Demon rejects the idea. Enamored with Tamara, the Demon woos her. "Tamara, love me! ... you will be the queen of the universe, my eternal companion," he whispers into her soul. Feeling fear and powerful temptation, Tamara succumbs to his seduction. The Demon's kiss kills her and in the moment of conquest, he is defeated by the Angel who saves Tamara's soul. Alone again, Demon curses the universe. 

Tickets are available online.  

Enjoy Jared Bybee and a host of barihunks from across the globe in our 
2017 Barihunks in Bed calendar. 

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Michael Hewitt, Gianluca Margheri and Jared Bybee

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  1. Cammarota, hunken tenor is also featured.