Friday, January 6, 2017

Schmopera interviews Barihunks

Anthony Reed, Malte Roesner and Marco Vassalli
Jenna Douglas, founder of the site Schmopera, which takes an insider look at the industry and its artists, interviewed Jack Michaels from our Barihunks team. Here is what she wrote:
"If you're a fan of opera and opera singer, you likely know about Barihunks. For nearly 10 years, Barihunks has been glorifying the beautiful voices - and abs - of opera's smooth-voiced baritones. Any baritone who claims that he's not tickled to be featured on Barihunks is a modest fibber; the cream of the crop even make it into the 10th-anniversary "Baritones in Bed" calendar.

We spoke with Barihunks blogger Jack Michaels, about the sultry appeal of low voices, the blog's focus on health and fitness, and the respect and admiration he has for all working opera singers."


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