Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Teddy Bare" Puts His (Terence) Stamp on "Billy Budd"

The pictures are finally in from Teddy Tahu Rhodes' debut in Billy Budd in Sante Fe. Needless to say, he is getting rave reviews and looking rather cute in his sailor's outfit. A reviewer at RedOrbit even likened him to the original from the movies.

And while vocal suitability should always be first and foremost in the casting of any opera, it must be said, he looks the part splendidly, not unlike the young Terence Stamp who played the role in the 1962 film version of the story.

His final, "Farewell to ye, old Rights of Man" is the emotional peak of the production.


  1. On the subject of bhunks, Mariusz was adorable as Escamillo at the Hollywood Bowl last Sunday. The white jacket really suited him. Ymmm.

  2. Melot's younger brother,

    Was his shirt unbuttoned to the waist? Were his pants tight as usual? Was his co-star visible? More importantly, how was his Escamillo? Do you think he'll crash and burn at the Met next season? His voice seems to be coarsening a bit over the past season. I don't want him to completely ruin it.