Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kwiecien Impersonates Hvorostovsky

Mariusz Kwiecien did his best Dmitri Hvorostovsky impersonation in Sante Fe, sporting a mane of white hair much like the one that our beloved Siberian barihunk sports naturally. We think that the Hot Pole will age as well as his fellow barihunk.

Scott Cantrell of the Dallas Morning News wrote:

Mariusz Kwiecien, reprising the role he sang in the 2002 Dallas Opera Figaro, is certainly a virile Almaviva, with a dapper baritone to match. But here's where I part company with Mr. Kent, estimable theater director though he is. Almaviva might be a "mere" count, but surely he would express his randiness more subtly than in these crude gropings of naughty parts.
We'd like to know more about those crude gropings of naughty parts and does anyone have pictures?


  1. Two of my favorite barihunks featured in the same post! ahhh!!!
    I honestly don't think I've met a more charming and handsome person than Hvorostovsky...EVER.

  2. I wouldn't say that Kwiecien is imitating Hvorostovky really since Almaviva usually shows up with powdered hair. Good excuse to have a duo-hunk post though. I commend you.