Monday, January 10, 2011

Pisaroni, Hampson & Sinatra sings "Embraceable You"

Three different interpreters of Gershwin: Pisaroni, Sinatra & Hampson

This is just too precious to not post. Here is Luca Pisaroni singing Gershwin's classic song "Embraceable You" at a recent gala concert. Somehow this conjures up wonderful images of Ezio Pinza singing music from South Pacific. His Italianate English adds a wonderful charm to this song and I'm sure it will make a few fans swoon.

This prompted us to look for the 1998 video of Thomas Hampson hamming it up with the great pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet. This is pure showmanship at its best and reminds us why Hampson has commanded the stage for decades.

And just for fun, how about comparing these to the great pop classic version of Frank Sinatra:

Let us know which version you prefer in the comments section.

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  1. You just received a nice shout-out from Luca Pisaroni on Twitter.

  2. Not to be pedantic or petty, but you really need to learn the difference between to and too.


  3. Sinatra isn't my favourite, but it's a toss up between Thomas Hampson and son-in-law, Luca Pisaroni. They are both world-beaters!

  4. Oh thankyou! I love that song. Need to find my sheet music... Btw the Hampson version is from 1998, and he and Pisaroni both linked you on their facebook pages. :-D

  5. And of course Pisaroni is Hampson's son-in-law.

  6. It's gotta be Tom Hampson (sorry Luca - you're cool, too!). Such elan, grace, and humor while singing so beautifully. Ahhhh 8-)