Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big talent, big boy, big voice, big feet - Big ol' Jonathan Beyer

Big Boy Beyer in Britten

We truly enjoyed many of the emails regarding our "Todd Boyce's really big..." post. Needless to say, some bordered on the completely inappropriate and we now know more about some singers than we probably need to know (real and imagined, we suspect).

We once did a post about the tallest barihunks, which generated a lot of interest. We even did a sarcastic post called "BariChunks," which some chubby chasers took total delight in and it generated an onslaught of pictures being mailed to us that would never appear on this site. One thing is clear, "BIG" is popular. Big voices, big men, big talents, big personalities and big bulges.

A reader reminded us that one of opera's "big boys," as she put it, will be performing tonight at Carnegie Hall. She describes him as "about 6'5" with really big feet." A Washington Post review described his voice as "big" and "virile." Big seems to be the descriptive word to define this talented young singer.

One thing that we know about him is that he's made a big splash in the opera world. As we previously posted, he's been cleaning up at singing competitions, especially with the aria "News has a Kind of Mystery" from John Adams' "Nixon in China."

Beyer will be joining soprano Wendy Bryn Harmer and accompanist Kristin Okerlund tonight for music by Rimsky-Korsakov, Griffes, Wagner  and Bohm. The concert begins at 5:30 PM and you can get additional information on the Carnegie Hall website

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