Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pisaroni's Change of Character in Houston

Luca Pisaroni joins Adriana Kucerove (L) & Ellie Dehn (R) for a curtain call at HGO
In an age when most opera companies are cutting back performances, it was refreshing to see that the Houston Grand Opera had to add a performance of the Marriage of Figaro. Of course, this was the debut of barihunk Luca Pisaroni in the role of Count Almaviva, so we can understand the buzz. Pisaroni has made the other baritone role in the opera, that of Figaro, virtually a calling card role. He's sung it all over the world, including recent perfromances in Vienna, San Francisco, Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Salzburg and Madrid. He turned over the role to the talented Patrick Carfizzi for the run in Houston.

Performances run through April 30 and you can click HERE for additional cast and performance information. 

Here is Pisaroni singing Figaro's aria "Aprite un po quegli occhi" in Amsterdam.

We couldn't find a video of Pisaroni singing the Count's aria "Hai gia vinta la causa," but here is his father-in-law Thomas Hampson performing the aria in Salzburg. How would you like to be sitting around the piano at one of their family get togethers?


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  1. Saw Figaro on Sunday - Pisaroni was in good voice, and a barihunk. The whole production was beautiful, and very funny. I've never heard an audience at HGO laugh so much, and at mostly all the right places.