Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Edwin Crossley Mercer: Anderson Cooper look-a-like?
It's no secret that we're HUGE fans of Edwin Crossley-Mercer at Barihunks. We named him our "Hottest Recitalist" in our "Best of 2010" and it was as much for his artistry as his hunkiness. Last month we posted a rare video of him singing the French version of the classic song "Autumn Leaves." A reader has sent us a YouTube link for the complete recital which occurred in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 2, 2010 along with mezzo Irina Bogacheva and soprano Adriana Queros.

We were thrilled to see Mercer appearing today on our other favorite opera site, Parterre Box, where they compared him to a younger Anderson Cooper. It seems like no one can enough of him, so here is the video from Russia:

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