Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reader Submission: Remo Tobiaz

Remo Tobiaz
Remo Tobiaz in not only a reader submission, but he was suggested by a fellow barihunk. (Anyone out there casting for a barihunk duo?).

His path to opera has been unusual, as he once played bass guitar and sang for the punk band Croak. Influenced by the techno subculture, he produced electronic music until 2005 when his participation in Bach’s St. Matthew Passion inspired him to pursue more classical music.

Tobiaz then studied opera with Douglas Yates and is now perfecting his craft as a lyric baritone. He sings with various ensembles including Berlin International Opera, Oper Oder Spree, Opernhausen and Ensemble Corund, as well as concerts throughout Germany and Switzerland.

You can click HERE to listen to him sing from Smetana's opera Hubicka or HERE to listen to him at a late night Eurovision concert. 

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