Monday, November 5, 2012

Operagasm hosts "Sexiest Singer" online poll

Zachary Gordin as he appears on the Barihunks Calendar cover
Operagasm is hosting an online poll to see who the sexiest singers are in the world, as well as best afro, hottest red head, best "ma" in Una voce poco fa, best baritone claw and top bitch.

Three baritones are up for hottest male singer, including our 2013 Barihunks Charity Calendar oversize edition coverboy Zachary Gordin, Keith Miller and Erwin Schrott. They are pitted against tenor Noah Stewart and James Valenti (both of whom we've snuck onto Barihunks, because they are barihunk hot!).

The best baritone claw competition, has claw extraordinaire Michael Todd Simpson pitted against the less formidable claws of Luca Grassi, Gunther Groissboeck, Mariusz Kwiecien and Stephanie Blythe. 

You can go HERE to vote.

But before you do, click on the button below and order your calendar featuring Zachary Gordin and 13 other hotties.

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Regular size version with Craig Verm on the cover and Zachary Gordin inside: Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.


  1. How can one vote if Dmitri is not on the list?

    The Pink Flamingo

    1. Agreed. Many missing hunks, and definitely the Russian Hotness leads the list. And can we get some Luca Pisaroni love going here. Just for starters...