Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jonathan Estabrooks' Kickstarter campaign to produce CD

Jonathan Estabrooks
Jonathan Estabrooks has been a regular on this site and has been featured in our calendar, as well. He also happens to be a great guy and a whiz at social media. His YouTube site features "A Singer's Life" is a great look at the opera business from a singer's point of view. His "Most Wonderful Memes of the Year" appeared on our year-end "Best of 2012" list. When he appeared in our calendar he asked that his social media addresses be included with his photo (Twitter @estarp and Facebook).

His latest venture is on Kickstarter, where he's trying to raise $40,000 to produce a classical/crossover album with full orchestra. He chose songs that spoke to his "...personal journey and sense of discovery, but also to the collective path we all follow in life, love, faith and that yearning to find a place to call home." The CD will also include an appearance by Jonathan Antoine, a semi-finalist on "Britain's Got Talent," whose audition video has 35 million hits on YouTube.

Check out highlights of Jonathan Estabrooks singing Big Band music:

The money is needed to pay for the orchestra, studio space, mixing, mastering, layout and design, printing and promotion. We're going to make a pledge and encourage all of our readers to do the same. What a great way to support an emerging young artist. There are benefits starting for as little as US $5.00, so make your pledge today. Go to this LINK now!

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