Sunday, September 15, 2013

Watch the Barihunk Superheroes unleash their superpower

Barihunk Superheroes John Brancy & Tobias Greenhalgh
We've covered the groundbreaking work of barihunks John Brancy and Tobias Greenhalgh with "Operation Superpower." The program uses their love of classical music to teach young students about their own unique superpowers.

The two singers joined by pianist Peter Dugan and composer Armand Ranjbaran focus on courage, hope, honesty, imagination, and friendship to deal with the topic of bullying and helping kids find their own inner strengths. The group is marketing their program as a school assembly program and they have performed in Peoria, Illinois, as well as schools throughout New York State. 

We thought that you'd enjoy seeing the two in action with the school kids in this latest video posted on YouTube. You can check out the program's website HERE